Chapter 10

Playing Virtual Vintage Instruments


check Loading and playing the vintage instruments

check Editing instrument sounds and effects

check Producing classic and creative tones

check Understanding keyboard and synthesizer fundamentals

The vintage instruments included in Logic Pro might make you want to put drink rings and cigarette burns on your laptop because these classic keyboards can evoke the sounds of yesteryear. But they also can freshen the music of today — you'd be hard-pressed to throw a dart at the Billboard charts and not find one or more of these instruments somewhere in the track.

The sounds of these vintage keyboards are heard in almost all musical genres. Music producers depend on them and musicians adore playing them. And what’s not to love? They're simple to use, and their tonal capabilities are limitless. Perhaps best of all, you can get great sounds with these software instruments without the hassle of vintage gear upkeep and the two or three strong bodies required to transport them.

In this chapter, I show you how to load, edit, and play the vintage software ...

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