Overview of the Operation of MPLS TE

Following is what MPLS TE needs to make it work. These are the building blocks of MPLS TE:

  • Link constraints (how much traffic each link can support and which TE tunnel can use the link)

  • TE information distribution (by the MPLS TE-enabled link-state routing protocol)

  • An algorithm (path calculation [PCALC]) to calculate the best path from the head end LSR to the tail end LSR

  • A signaling protocol (Resource Reservation Protocol [RSVP]) to signal the TE tunnel across the network

  • A way to forward traffic onto the TE tunnel

Figure 8-3 has the TE building blocks in the network from Figure 8-2. One TE tunnel or LSP extends from R6 to R5.

Figure 8-3. MPLS TE Building Blocks

The first name used ...

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