The Basic VPLS Configuration

The configuration for VPLS is simple. First, you must configure a VPLS instance with the global l2 vfi command. The VFI needs to have a unique name on the PE router.

Router(config)#l2 vfi name manual

Then you need to specify a unique VPN ID number for that VFI.

 Router(config-vfi)#vpn id number

Configure as neighbors all the egress PE routers of the full mesh of that VPLS.

Router(config-vfi)#neighbor remote-router-id encapsulation mpls

After you define the VFI, associate the VLAN interfaces belonging to that VFI with the VFI. You do this with the interface command xconnect vfi.

 Router(config-if)#xconnect vfi name

Consider the following VPLS network example depicted in Figure 11-6.

Figure 11-6. VPLS Example ...

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