Setting Up the Contacts Server

To start Contacts Server, launch the Server app. Click the Contacts icon and then click the big switch to the On position, as shown in Figure 10-2.

To enable users to search the network directory’s global address list, select the Include Directory Contacts in Search check box. If this check box appears dimmed, you haven’t configured the Mac to be an Open Directory Master, as described in Chapter 5.

technicalstuff.eps More-advanced settings are not accessible with the Server app but are accessible from the command line. To see all Contacts Server settings using the command line, open the Terminal utility and type the following:

sudo serveradmin settings addressbook

If you’re familiar with configuring with Unix commands, you can change most of these settings by adding a colon followed by the setting and then the configuration value. For example, to set the SSL port number to 8443, type this:

sudo serveradmin settings addressbook:SSLPort = 8443

Figure 10-2: Turning on contacts service in the Server app.


Disabling user access

You can disable all users or specific users from having access to Contacts Server. Open the Server app and click Users in the sidebar. Click a username or select multiple users by -clicking. Now click the Action menu (gear icon) and select Edit ...

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