Planning for an Open Directory Deployment

You might be tempted to jump right in with the instructions you find later in this chapter (in the “Creating an Open Directory master or replica with the Server app” section) and create a shared domain. Don’t give in to temptation just yet.

First, write something. Your plan is best implemented when it exists in a format that you document and reference. Collaboration is also key when you and your colleagues are simultaneously working toward implementing a shared directory.

Documentation can also save your hide if the worst happens, and you’re forced to rebuild your directory. And don’t forget that you might not be the only administrator of the directory — especially if you finally win the lottery and forget all about your love of OS X Servers. The next administrator benefits from your documentation, too.

Open Directory relies upon other services to run properly. Domain name service and time synchronization are critical to a healthy and happy directory.

Factors to consider for your plan

Whether you use a detailed Gantt chart, a whiteboard, or just a quick sketch on a napkin, start your Open Directory deployment with a plan. Here are some considerations to ponder prior to your deployment:

check.png How many servers do you need? For a small domain of ten or so users, you could have just one server, but consider a second for larger networks. A minimum ...

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