Chapter 9

Listing Products for Sale on Amazon


check Owning the buy box

check Getting product photos that sell

check Composing top-notch product listings

check Boosting your product’s placement in Amazon searches

To be successful on Amazon, you need to do everything right — product selection, pricing, shipping, product listings, returns, customer service, and more. Perhaps the biggest make-or-break item on that list is the product listing. No doubt about it, competition is stiff. For many products, you can even expect to be competing against Amazon! To outcompete your competitors, you must compose product listings that earn a top ranking and catch shoppers’ interests, and your listings need to earn premium placement. In this chapter, we explain how to make that happen.

Here you discover how to win (and own) the all-important buy box, procure product photos that sell, compose superior product listings, and boost your product ranking with savvy keyword selection. With this chapter in hand and a commitment to impeccable customer service, you have just about everything you need to be a top seller ...

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