Chapter 20

Top Ten Advertising Tips


check Brushing up on Amazon Ad types

check Building your own custom ads with product-specific copy

check Discovering four tips for using search terms … and what to avoid

check Letting Amazon automate your ad placement to identify effective search terms

check Testing and tracking ads to get the most bang for your buck

Whenever an Amazon shopper searches for a product, sponsored products appear at the top of the list. These items represent keyword-targeted advertisements that sellers bid for. Sellers who bid higher are more likely to have their listings appear near the top of the search results.

However, advertising success involves more than merely paying a premium for better product positioning. In this chapter, we present ten tips for optimizing the results of your advertising efforts, most of which are free.

Get to Know the Different Ad Types

Before you pay for any advertising on Amazon, familiarize yourself with the different ad types, so you can choose ...

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