Chapter 21

Ten Tips to Deliver Awesome Customer Service


check Complying with Amazon’s customer service rules

check Responding to customers quickly, honestly, and empathetically

check Exceeding your customers’ expectations

check Understanding an issue before taking action

check Adding a personal touch to your customer correspondence

Amazon takes customer satisfaction very seriously, and it expects its sellers to do so as well. After all, every seller interaction with a customer reflects back on Amazon. Therefore, a large part of your success on Amazon is tied to customer satisfaction. Satisfy your customers, and you’ll be rewarded with higher search rankings and more sales. If you disappoint or upset customers, you’ll be punished with lower search rankings, decreased sales, and perhaps even a suspended or canceled Amazon Seller account.

As a seller on Amazon, your goal should be not only to satisfy customers but to wow them — to deliver products and customer service that exceed their expectations. ...

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