Chapter 6

Going Beyond Beta and Launching Your Site


check Figuring out what you must know before publishing your website

check Testing your site for form and function

check Trying before flying

check Launching the site

After taking the trouble to design a site, fill it with quality content, and find the perfect place to host it, you would think that that’s the end of the story. We don’t want to disappoint you, but you have to deal with another major phase before you launch.

In this chapter, we break this final stage into smaller segments to make it easy to follow. For one moment, let us summarize what all those segments mean in layman’s terms: Test, test, and test again. Then, and only then, blast off!

Some Things to Know Before You Start Uploading

Both launching and uploading your site are terms used to represent the point when you finally make a site viewable by the public over the Internet. Before you upload your site for the world to see, though, it should be fully functional. Keep in mind, there may be some plug-ins, features, or backend functionality that may not fully work until ...

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