Chapter 6

Transitioning a Small Site into Big Business


check Mapping out your growth options

check Investing in the next level of technology

check Figuring out what to do after you hit the big time

check Creating your final strategy

Truthfully, plenty of entrepreneurs are satisfied with their online businesses staying small. For the rest of us, growth is the carrot that’s continually being dangled in front of us. In this chapter, we share the strategies and resources that allow you (and your site) to finally take a bite out of that carrot.

Seeking Out the Next Level of Your Business

Entrepreneurs can tell you that the process of growing your business almost always starts out the same way — by planning for it.

Before transitioning your online business to the next level, you have to identify exactly what that next level is. You have to put all your options under a microscope and decide which one makes the most sense to pursue. What are your choices? Well, each of the most common paths to growth has its advantages and disadvantages.

Expanding the business

An obvious choice is to add products ...

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