Chapter 2

Your Own Public Relations for the Web


check Writing product reviews

check Being a community leader by hosting web seminars and sharing information

check Distributing free articles to build your portfolio

Although PR stands for press release, you don’t always have to draw attention to your business in the form of a press release. Publicity can come in many forms, and by using the Internet, you can differentiate yourself and your company to attract customers in lots of ways. You’ve probably heard the phrase “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Well, if your customers are unhappy and advise everyone they know to avoid your business, we’re sure that it won’t help your bottom line.

You must be out among the community you depend on to build a relationship for customers to connect and use your business. You not only gain a sense of what customers want and need in their lives, but also connect with the community to help sell the story of you and your business. Consider the time you spend online reaching out to your community as an investment. You’re building intangible relations, the goodwill that a positive company can generate, and the reason why these customers should shop ...

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