Tying SEO to Conversion and ROI

As we discussed previously in this chapter, it is important to tie your SEO campaign to the results it brings to the business. A fundamental piece of that is measuring the conversions driven by organic SEO traffic. Here are some of the most common types of conversions:

Sales/sales revenue

This is the one that everyone assumes is part of conversions. Sales and sales revenue (or better still, margin) conversions can be the simplest things to track, except when you are selling many different products at different price points and in different quantities. In this case, the process would need to be a bit more sophisticated.

If your site is advertising-driven, you need to look at the impact of organic search traffic on advertising revenue. If you have no financial goals for your site, you need to look at some of the other types of conversions.

Email/blog/newsletter subscriptions

Anytime a user signs up to receive regular communications from you it is a win. Even though there are not direct financial consequences to this it is still a conversion. Someone who has subscribed to something you offer is more likely to become a customer than a first-time visitor to your site, so you need to credit this type of conversion.


Closely related to the notion of subscriptions are other types of sign-ups. Perhaps you offer a service such as a tool that people need to sign up for to use. Even if the tool is free, you should track this as a conversion.

You most likely received ...

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