Galileo’s Discoveries—And Trial
The church demands
you recant your
heretical theories!
And yet, the earth,
it moves!
lights up!
Galileo’s Discoveries—And Trial 57
So, why did the
heliocentric theory
later become the
predominant theory,
even though it was
repudiated during the
The telescope was
invented toward the
end of Galileos
The heavenly bodies
could be observed
more aurately with
a telescope. In quick
sueion, facts that
smed inconsistent with
the geocentric theory
were discovered.
Galileo also
made two major
discoveries with
telescopes he had
built himself.
Galileo’s First Discovery:
Thefour satellites of Jupiter
By discovering that a planet
other than Earth had sateites,
Galileo shk the foundations
of the geocentric theory, which
was based on the idea that Earth
was unique.
Galileo’s Second Discovery:
ThePhases of Venus
Galileo discovered that Venus
changed in its aarent size and,
perhaps more importantly, that
Venus has phases similar to the
mn’s phases. That would be
poible only if both Earth and
Venus were orbiting around the
Sun. His observation eectively
disproved Ptolemy's geocentric
model. This discovery would
have bn impoible using only
the naked eye.
58 Chapter 1 Is Earth the Center ofthe Universe?
And in 1619, when
Johaes Kepler
clarified laws related
to planetary motion,
the heliocentric
theory finay started
gaining substantial
Johaes Kepler (1571–1630)
German astronomer who explained
the motion of heavenly bodies
using consistent and verifiable
laws (Kepler’s laws)
And when the
motionof heavenly
bodies could be
explained aording
to physics, everyone
began to believe it,
Thats right.
From that point onward,
astronomists began to use
the scientific method—this
consisted of observations,
subsequent inquiries, and
the establishment of
Kepler’s laws
served as a foundation
for Newtonian mechanics,
and that in turn helped
produce a body of
knowledge that was
alicable to many areas
of scholarship.
But Profeor
What about my UFO?
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