Flickr is the modern king of photo-sharing sites (even though Facebook photos are used more, this service does not make them publicly viewable). Flickr is a great place to execute digital asset optimization by uploading graphs and charts as well as photos of your work (see Figure 5-7). For example, if you work for a clothing brand, post photos of models wearing your latest designs.

Tara Kirchner of the Flickr marketing team advises that the first step a marketer should take before using Flickr is to read the community guidelines, because the Flickr community can "have teeth" when dealing with corporate content; in other words, if they sense an overly commercial bent to your content, they'll react strongly. Tara also pointed out that Flickr is best used to tell your company's story, rather than simply conduct advertising. For example, a candy company could post photos of a factory tour, and a baseball team could show off historical photos.

Remember, when you upload photos, you are contributing to the Web's largest publicly accessible photo archive—what unique images does your company have that you can give to the community? Flickr is not a good place to put head shots of the board of directors, so you should really think about your strategy before posting images.

You can edit your personal information on Flickr.

Figure 5-8. You can edit your personal information on Flickr.

Tara also recommended an internally focused approach: for ...

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