Chapter 2. vCloud Networks

In this chapter we will work with networks. Therefore, a look at the following recipes will give you a very good idea of what you can do with them:

  • Deploying a vApp with vApp router
  • Forwarding an RDP (or SSH) session into an isolated an isolated vApp
  • Accessing a fully isolated vApp or Organization Network
  • Using Organization Networks for interconnection between vApps
  • Using templates with firewall and NAT settings
  • Connecting a physical device to an isolated network
  • Sharpening the Edge
  • Using vApp Network fencing
  • Creating multitiered vApp Networks
  • Ensuring no change in IP after redeployment
  • Automatic IP management for External Network Pools
  • Creating load-balanced VMs in an organization
  • Creating a secure connection between organizations ...

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