Adding a new storage profile to vCD

You have just created a new storage profile in vSphere but now need to add it to an OvDC. Here is how it's done.

Getting ready

First, we need a datastore that has been added to the ESXi hosts. We also need an organization as well as an OvDC, to which we can add it.

How to do it...

To add a storage profile to vCloud, there are three major steps involved.

  1. Creating a user-defined storage capability:
    1. Log in to vCenter using the WebClient.
    2. Click on vCenter and then on Datastores.
    3. Select the first datastore that should be part of the new storage profile.
    4. Click on Manage in the tabs and then on Profiles.
    5. Now we add user-defined storage capability to a datastore; click on the Assign Storage Capability button.
    6. Now you can select ...

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