1.What is a window manager? Name two X Window System managers, and describe how they differ.
2.What happens when you position the mouse pointer in an xterm window's scrollbar and click the middle button? The right button? The left button? Do these techniques work for all scrollbars?
3.Describe three ways to
  1. Change the size of a window.

  2. Delete a window.

  3. Uncover a small window that is completely obscured by another, larger window.

4.When the characters you type do not appear on the screen, what might be wrong? How can you fix it?
5.Given two computer systems, bravo and kudos, that can communicate over a network, explain what the following command line does:
bravo% xterm –sb –title bravo –display kudos:0.0 &
6.Many X applications use the ...

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