1.What is a context menu? How does a context menu differ from other menus?
2.What happens when you ALT + right drag within a window? What difference does it make where the mouse pointer is within the window (top, side, and so on) when you start to drag?
3.What happens when you right click the root window? How can you use this?
4.How does the KDE scrollbar differ from most other scrollbars? Why is this useful?
5.Regarding kicker ,
  1. What is another name for kicker?

  2. How can you cause kicker to hide automatically when you are not using it?

  3. How can you make kicker disappear slowly?

6.What is klipper? How do you use it to cut and paste text?
7.Regarding Konqueror the file manager,
  1. What is Konqueror?

  2. List four things that you can use it for.

  3. How do ...

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