Using Dreamweaver CFC Support

Dreamweaver features sophisticated support for ColdFusion Components. This includes:

  • Drag-and-drop CFC method invocation

  • Wizard-based CFC creation

  • Support for CFC based recordsets

We’ll now look at each of these.

Simplified CFC Method Invocation

You have seen how to use <cfinvoke> to invoke a ColdFusion Component method. You’ll now learn how to invoke a CFC method without writing any code at all. Here are the steps:

Open the Dreamweaver Application panel, and select the Components tab. In the drop-down control at the top of that tab, make sure that CF Components is selected (and not Web Services) as seen in Figure 11.2.
Figure 11.2. The Components tab in the Application panel displays available ColdFusion Components. ...

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