WRs Posted to SQ

Purpose of a SQ WR

Software posts a WR to a QP's SQ in order to initiate a message transfer with a QP of the same type in a remote CA.

Posting a WR to the SQ

A WR is posted to the SQ by executing the Post Send Request verb call. Refer to “Content of SQ WRs” on page 262 for a description of the WR's content.

Types of SQ Operations

The types of WRs that can be posted to a QP's SQ depends on the type of QP:

  • Message Send operation. Supported on RC, RD, UC, UD, and Raw QPs.

  • RDMA Write operation. Supported on UC, RC, and RD QPs.

  • RDMA Read operation. Supported on RD and RC QPs.

  • Atomic operations. Supported on RD and RC QPs.

  • Memory Window Bind operation. Supported on RC, UC, and RD QPs.

Resync operation is atypical. Supported on ...

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