Chapter 25. Detailed Description of the Link Layer

The Previous Chapter

The previous chapter introduced the problem for which Static Rate Control is the solution, and then provided a detailed description of how Static Rate Control works. It concluded the part of the book that focuses on the transport service types (i.e., Part 4).

This Chapter

This chapter provides a detailed description of the Link Layer. This includes:

  • Link Layer functional overview.

  • Link state machine.

  • Detailed description of LRH.

  • QoS within the subnet: SL and VLs.

  • Detailed description of VL arbitration.

  • Link-Level Flow Control.

  • Packet CRCs.

  • Intro to the packet delimiters.

  • Packet receive state machine.

  • Data packet check.

  • Link packet (Flow Control packet) check.

  • Switch performs packet ...

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