20.8. Enabling Your iOS Apps to Access Passes on iOS Devices


You want to deploy your Passbook-enabled app to iOS devices and you want to make sure that your app can read the digitally signed passes that you have pushed into those devices.


Create an appropriate provision profile for your app, linked to an App ID that has Passes access enabled for it.


You need to sign your apps with an appropriate provisioning profile that has been created in the same portal that your pass IDs were created in, in order to be able to read our own passes from the Passbook app on users’ devices. The whole process is depicted in Figure 20-24.

The process of enabling an iOS app to access passes on an iOS device

Figure 20-24. The process of enabling an iOS app to access passes on an iOS device

So let’s begin! Here I assume that you already have a Dev/Dist certificate. We’ll create an app ID for the pass ID that we created in Recipe 20.1 and then move on to create the appropriate provisioning profile for that app ID. Here we go:

  1. Navigate to iOS Dev Center in your browser, and log in if you are not logged in already.

  2. Navigate to iOS Provisioning Portal now.

  3. Navigate to the App IDs section and press the New App ID button.

  4. In the Description box, describe your app ID; something that is meaningful to you and your team or organization.

  5. Leave the Bundle Seed ID as Use Team ID.

  6. In the Bundle Identifier (App ID Suffix), enter the reverse domain style name of your bundle ...

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