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IT Project Management, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Renowned IT project management expert, Joseph Phillips, again delivers an authoritative, easy-to-understand guide that delves into all CompTIA IT Project+ certification objectives. The “Inside the Exam” sections focus on the necessary topics to pass the new CompTIA exam. Each chapter features an end-of-chapter review, and the CD-ROM includes an IT Project+ practice test, plus templates and worksheets to use when managing a project. The included real-world examples that provide on-the-job insight from practicing project management professionals, and tie discussed theory to practice, make this comprehensive reference a must-have for IT staff.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Author
  3. About the Tech Reviewer
  4. Dedication
  5. CompTIA Authorized Quality Curriculum Program
    1. How to Become CompTIA Certified:
  8. Initiating the Project
    1. Gathering Project Information
    2. Identify the Project Needs
  9. Planning the Project
    1. How to Plan
    2. Establishing Project Priority
    3. Creating an Approach
  10. Working with Management
    1. Defining the Organizational Structure
    2. Presenting the Project to Management
    3. Defining Management's Role
    4. Inventing a Project Kickoff
    5. Creating Management Alliances
  11. Creating the Budget
    1. Budget Basics
    2. Determine the Estimate Type
    3. Implementing Bottom-Up Cost Estimates
    4. Using Top-Down Estimating
    5. Budget at Completion
    6. Zero-Based Budgeting
    7. Determining Project Expenses
    8. Tracking Budgetary Expenses
  12. Creating a Work Breakdown Structure
    1. Defining the Work Breakdown Structure
    2. Working with a WBS
    3. Coordinating WBS Components
    4. Creating a WBS
    5. Obtaining Management Approval
  13. Organizing a Project Team
    1. Assessing Internal Skills
    2. Creating a Team
    3. Interviewing Potential Team Members
    4. Managing Team Issues
    5. Using External Resources
  14. Building the Project Plan
    1. Building the Project Plans
    2. Defining the Project Schedule
    3. Deadline-Orientated Projects
    4. Creating a Project Network Diagram
    5. Working with Project Constraints
    6. Building the Network Diagram
    7. Analyzing the Project Network Diagram
    8. Management Reserve
    9. Using Microsoft Project
  15. Implementing the Project Plan
    1. Reviewing Assignments with the Project Team
    2. Focus on the Work
    3. Hosting a Project Status Meeting
    4. Tracking Progress
    5. Tracking Financial Obligations
  16. Revising the Project Plan
    1. Defining the Need for Revision
    2. Establishing Change Control
    3. Implementing Project Changes
    4. Issue Management Meetings
    5. Delaying a Project
  17. Enforcing Quality
    1. Defining Quality
    2. Quality of the Deliverables
    3. Quality of the Process
    4. Quality Management as a Process
    5. Ensuring Quality Throughout the Project
    6. Creating a Strategy for Quality
  18. Managing Teams
    1. Leading the Team
    2. Establishing the Project Authority
    3. Mechanics of Leading a Team
    4. Team Meetings
    5. Maintaining Team Leadership
    6. Working Toward the Finish
    7. Motivating the Team
  19. Completing the Project
    1. Completing the Final Tasks
    2. The Project Postmortem
    3. Obtaining Final Sign-Off
    4. Post-Project Audit
    5. Creating the Final Report
    6. Declaring Victory
    7. Declaring Failure
    8. Cheers! Celebrating Victory
  20. IT Project+ Exam Objectives
    1. Response Limits
    2. Domain 1.0 IT Project Initiation and Scope Definition
    3. Domain 2.0: IT Project Planning
    4. Domain 3.0: IT Project Execution, Control and Coordination
    5. Domain 4.0: Project Closure, Acceptance, and Support
  21. Critical Exam Information
    1. Overview
    2. Test-Passing Tips
    3. Everything You Must Know
  22. Working as an Independent Contractor
    1. Getting (and Keeping) the Deal
    2. Making Yourself at Home
    3. Becoming a Leader
    4. Delivering More Than What You Promise
  23. About the CD
    1. Installing and Running MasterExam
    2. Help
    3. Removing Installation(s)
    4. Technical Support
  24. Glossary