Installing Partuza on Mac OS X (Leopard)

This section will guide you through installing Partuza on a local Apache server on Mac OS X (Leopard), which allows you to host the sample OpenSocial social networking container at http://partuza/.

The first step is to obtain and configure the Partuza container code base. To obtain the source code for Partuza, open Terminal and enter the following commands:

mkdir /Library/WebServer/Documents/partuza
cd /Library/WebServer/Documents/partuza
svn checkout .

Once the checkout has completed, we need to change the permissions of the people images directory. The web server runs under a different username and set of permissions, so taking this step will allow it to write thumbnails to that directory:

chmod 777 partuza/html/images/people

Now we need to add the host entry so that the system can relate a virtual host entry with localhost. Edit your hosts file to add this entry:

sudo vi /etc/hosts

There should be an existing entry for localhost and shindig, such as:  localhost shindig

We need to add the Partuza reference to this entry so we can reference our new shindig directory. Your new entry should look like this:  localhost shindig partuza

Save and close this file. Now that the host entry is in place, we need to change the configuration settings for http://partuza/ to our virtual hosts configuration file. Load the virtual hosts file.

sudo vi /etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf

The entries for localhost ...

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