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The Oracle Way to Consulting: What it Takes to Become a World-Class Advisor

Book Description

Become a master consultant using the training program created and used by Oracle

The Oracle Consulting Way provides the essential tools and people skills a consultant must have to build trusted client relationships that lead to long-term business. The book defines what a consultant is and explains how to communicate the correct expectations early and often. Readers learn how to handle difficult clients, navigate challenging office politics, leadership techniques, leverage pseudo authority, and manage their own career path.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  7. PART 1 The Art of Consulting
    1. CHAPTER 1 Consulting Explained
    2. CHAPTER 2 Consulting Essence
    3. CHAPTER 3 Are You One of Us?
    4. CHAPTER 4 Going Up: The Elevator Pitch
    5. CHAPTER 5 Take Two: Consulting as a Second (or First) Career
    6. CHAPTER 6 Being Effective on Day 1 and Day 10,000
    7. CHAPTER 7 Beware of or Embrace Independent Consultants?
    8. CHAPTER 8 See the World, or at Least the Inside of Hundreds of Office Buildings
  8. PART 2 Expect the Unexpected
    1. CHAPTER 9 Predict the Unexpected
    2. CHAPTER 10 Challenges, Opportunities, and Solutions
    3. CHAPTER 11 Professionalism and Integrity: Leave a Lasting Impression
    4. CHAPTER 12 Leverage Pseudo-Authority
    5. CHAPTER 13 Tick Tock: Planning and Time Management
    6. CHAPTER 14 Three-Year-Olds Make the Best Negotiators
    7. CHAPTER 15 Client Politics: The Political Side of Consulting
    8. CHAPTER 16 Meeting Mania
    9. CHAPTER 17 Managing Challenging Behaviors
    10. CHAPTER 18 Write Right
    11. CHAPTER 19 Effective Writing
    12. CHAPTER 20 The Importance of Language
    13. CHAPTER 21 Shhhh! Listen, Please
    14. CHAPTER 22 Good Question
    15. CHAPTER 23 Present Your Skills
  9. PART 3 Set Yourself Up for Success
    1. CHAPTER 24 Success
    2. CHAPTER 25 Prepare to Be Questioned
    3. CHAPTER 26 You Were Selected for the Job: Now What?
  10. PART 4 It’s Showtime
    1. CHAPTER 27 Cue the Spotlight
    2. CHAPTER 28 Before and After the Internet
    3. CHAPTER 29 Acquired Companies: From Competitor to Collaborator
    4. CHAPTER 30 Follow the Money: Cascade Business Goals from the Top Down
    5. CHAPTER 31 Consulting’s Secret: Implementation Methodologies
    6. CHAPTER 32 Variety and Diversity: Cross-Functional Teams
  11. PART 5 Your Career: It’s All Up to You
    1. CHAPTER 33 The Proactive Career
    2. CHAPTER 34 Managing Your Manager
    3. CHAPTER 35 Loving Your Job
  12. INDEX