5 Use Fast User Switching and log back in as Mike Smith.
Verify that the Dock settings you just defined in Workgroup Manager have taken
effect. Verify that the change is persistent and that Mike can’t remove the contents
of the Dock.
6 Log out as Mike Smith and log back in as the local administrator.
Because you are using Fast User Switching, Workgroup Manager is still running.
Configure Finder Preferences
Next, you will use Workgroup Manager to configure Finder preferences to restrict the
views and remove some menu item commands.
1 In Workgroup Manager, select the Mike Smith account and click the Preferences
button in the toolbar.
Notice that because you previously managed Login preferences and Dock preferences,
they have arrows next to the icons.
2 Click the Finder icon in the Preferences pane.
3 Click the Views tab, and select Always as the management choice.
4 Set the Icon Size to Large in three places: Desktop View, Default View, and
Computer View.
Managing Preferences on a Network 471
5 Click the Commands tab, select Always as the management choice, and deselect the
following checkboxes:
Go to iDisk
Burn Disc
Go to Folder
472 Managing Accounts

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