Maintaining the Mail Service
Now that you have your mail server configured with settings helpful to the users, you’ll want
to make some further adjustments that are helpful to you, the system administrator. These
settings include options that will keep your server healthy, aid in diagnosing problems, dis-
tribute mail to multiple users, as well as options that may help you adhere to regulatory
Saving Disk Space
The most important settings to be aware of are those that affect disk consumption. Every
message that arrives at your server will take up disk space. If your server runs out of free
disk space, you won’t be able to receive any more messages. There are two main methods
Maintaining the Mail Service 331
to keep this from happening. The first method is by establishing mail quotas for your
users. We set this number earlier in the lesson using Workgroup Manager when we
enabled each of the users’ mail access. This setting will control the total amount of disk
space a given user can occupy with all his or her email that is stored on the server. The
other item to keep in mind is the possibility of running out of disk space as a result of a
few huge messages coming into your server. You can reduce this threat by limiting the
maximum size of each individual message.
1 In Server Admin, select the Mail service, followed by clicking the Settings button in
the toolbar.
2 Click the Quotas tab.
3 Refuse messages larger than 10 MB.
4 Select the option to “Enable quota warnings.
5 Click the Edit Quota Warning Message button and configure it as follows:
Subject: Email Quota Warning
Body: You are approaching your email storage quota. Please delete some messages
soon to avoid blocked messages.
6 Click OK.
7 Select the option to “Disable a user’s incoming mail when they exceed 100% of quota.
8 Click the Edit Over Quota Error Message button and configure it as follows:
Subject: Email Over Quota
Body: You have exceeded your email storage quota. Until you delete some messages,
you will no longer receive new email.
332 Hosting Mail Services
9 Click OK.
10 Click Save.
Redirecting Messages
Because of company policy or in order to adhere to certain regulations, you may need to
save copies of every message sent through your server, whether delivered or undelivered
to a final recipient. Mac OS X Server offers easy configuration to meet these needs. You’ll
probably want to create a new user with no quota for these delivery email addresses and
periodically archive the mail so it doesn’t fill your mail server.
1 In Server Admins Mail Settings, click the General tab.
2 Select the option to “Copy undeliverable mail to:”
3 Select the option to “Copy all mail to:”
4 Click Save.
Maintaining the Mail Service 333
Creating Mailing Lists
You can also use Server Admin to set up mailing lists. This functionality is based on an open
source project called mailman and allows you to create an email address on your server that
will distribute a copy of every message it receives to all of the members of that list.
1 In Server Admins Mail Settings, click the Mailing Lists tab.
2 Select the option to “Enable mailman mailing lists.
3 A dialog will appear. Configure it as follows:
Master password: Mail4Apple
334 Hosting Mail Services
4 Click OK.
The Mailman master mailing list will be created. This is just a systemwide list for
tracking the master password. We’ll be creating our mailing list next.
5 Click the Add (+) button below the Mailing Lists list to create a new list.
6 A dialog will appear. Configure it as follows:
List Name: PretendcoWomen
Admin User:
Maintaining the Mail Service 335

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