Appendix C. Master Keyboard Shortcut List

Here it is, by popular, frustrated demand: The master list of every secret (or not so secret) keystroke in iMovie 6, including all of the keys you can press while dragging things. Clip and post to your monitor (unless, of course, you got this book from the library).

Table C-1. Navigation




Space bar

Rewind to start


Jump to end


1 frame back/forward

Left arrow, right arrow

10 frames back/forward

Shift-left arrow, Shift-right arrow

Previous/next bookmark

⌘-[, ⌘-]

Add bookmark/Delete bookmark

⌘-B, Option-⌘-B

Add Chapter Marker


Delete Chapter Marker


Table C-2. Timeline Viewer Editing

Select consecutive clips

Click first clip, Shift-click last one

Select nonconsecutive clips

Click first clip, ⌘-click each additional one

Nudge video clip

Click clip, then press right arrow (add Shift to move 10 frames at a time) to create black gap

Shorten clip (ripple edit)

Drag clip’s edge inward (other clips slide left to close up the gap)

Shorten clip (creating gap)

⌘-drag clip’s edge inward

Lengthen clip (ripple edit)

Drag clip’s edge outward (other clips slide right to accommodate longer clip)

Lengthen clip (trim adjacent clips)

⌘-drag clip’s edge outward (adjacent clip gets truncated by the overlap)

Switch to Clip Viewer

⌘-E (also switches back again)

Table C-3. Titles, Effects, Transitions

Delete title, effect, or transition

Select, then press Delete

Move between ...

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