Jason’s Thanks

Thank you to my wife Nicole, for putting up with me and believing in me. I deeply appreciate your love and support these past 12 years. You are such a great mom to our sweet little Lucy. I also want to thank my parents and family for teaching me to take time to pay attention to matters of the heart and soul.

Thank you, Ross and Josh, for your loyal friendship, and for always working on ways to communicate more clearly with each other and pushing me to grow on so many levels.

Josh’s Thanks

Thank you to my incredibly supportive and loving parents and family, who have always encouraged me, and have been there for me. Thank you also to Kelly who has always been very patient and understanding with me in general, but especially while we were writing this book.

Thank you also to the best business partners a man could ask for. Jason and Ross, I truly value our friendships, and it’s been an amazing experience building a business together and coauthoring a book with you both.

Ross’ Thanks

Thank you to my lovely wife, Jessica, who graciously and gracefully endured my writing on our honeymoon—and has consistently supported my pursuits regardless of which way they tip the oft-lopsided scales of my work-life balance.

Thank you to Jason and Josh for your hard work, insight, and candid feedback throughout the writing process. I am incredibly grateful for an enjoyable and fruitful partnership, and lasting friendships over the years.

Thank you to our clients who entrust ...

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