Mock test 2

  1. Company X wants a standardized redeployable Hadoop cluster, with options that a managed service doesn't offer. Which solution would suit?

(A) A Cloud API (B) Deployment Manager (C) Dataflow (D) TensorFlow

  1. Company X is looking to connect their backend platform to a managed NoSQL database service. There is an expectation that the databases could grow into PB scale. As an architect, they ask you which is the best GCP service to fit these requirements without needing to refactor any applications. What is the best fit?

(A) MySQL (B) Bigtable (C) Firebase (D) Redis

  1. Select the different types of service accounts (select three):

(A) User-managed (B) Automated (C) Google-managed (D) G Suite (E) Google APIs

  1. Company X has two projects, ...

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