The Documentation Window

Your primary access to the documentation is in Xcode, through the Documentation tab of the Organizer window (Window → Organizer and then click Documentation, or Help → Documentation and API Reference). I’ll refer to this as the documentation window, even though it’s really an aspect of the Organizer window.

The documentation window behaves basically as a glorified web browser, because the documentation consists essentially of web pages. Indeed, most of the same pages can be accessed at Apple’s developer site, And any page open in the documentation window can be opened instead in your web browser: Control-click for the contextual menu and choose Open Page in Browser. Notice too the contextual menu for links within a documentation window, such as Copy Link and Open Link in Browser. When you’re trying to figure something out, the ability to spawn off a page as a secondary window in a browser while you go on searching in the Xcode documentation window can be very useful.

Each doc set has a home page, which you access from the Browse navigator (Editor → Explore Documentation) or from the first component of the jump bar. A typical home page presents a full list of documents, which can be sorted by column and filtered by keyword. Some home pages, such as the iOS 6.1 Documentation Set home page, also have a broad categorical list down the left side, which can similarly be used to filter the document list. In practice I rarely use these ...

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