Chapter 1

Introducing Adobe Edge Animate CC

In This Chapter

arrow Cruising the Adobe Creative Cloud and where Edge Animate fits in

arrow Using Edge Animate compatibly with Adobe software, tools, and services

arrow Spotting where Edge Animate projects work and don’t work and how Adobe addresses those concerns

arrow Introducing the Edge Animate animation process

arrow Noting how Edge Animate just may eventually replace Flash

In this chapter, I show you the Adobe Creative Cloud and all the tools, services, apps, and software titles available; this includes Adobe Edge Animate CC. Adobe has fully embraced the cloud; now you can get the latest updates and features without having to wait for the next full version. A subscription to the Creative Cloud means access to all the latest developments.

What’s even better is that Edge Animate is fully compatible with many of the titles in the Creative Cloud — with more features added regularly.

Edge Animate uses HTML5, which (even now) not all browsers support. Fortunately, ...

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