Photo Credits

Introduction:Copyright © 2007 by Peter Angelo Simon (

Pattern 1,“Adrenaline Junkies”: Artwork by Kelley Garner, supplied by iStockPhoto

Pattern 2,“Rattle Yer Dags”: Photo © Byron W.Moore, supplied by BigStockPhoto

Pattern 3,“Dead Fish”: Copyright © by Stefanie Timmermann/iStockPhoto

Pattern 4, “Happy Clappy Meetings”: Photo courtesy of Chris Linn, Corporate Entertainer ( used with permission

Pattern 5,“Nanny”: Copyright © by Darryl Mason/iStockPhoto

Pattern 6,“Referred Pain”: Copyright © 2005 Tari Faris/iStockPhoto

Pattern 7,“Mañana”: Photograph by Mark Lisao (

Pattern 8,“Eye Contact”: Copyright © 2006 by Leah-Anne Thompson/iStockPhoto

Pattern 9, “Management by Mood Ring ...

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