Part I: Home Automation
I chose IDS for this project because it’s easy to set up and doesn’t require any
configuration. However, if you want to do it, it is very configurable; just point
your browser at http://localhost:tcp_port/cgi-bin/ids/admin/index.cgi. For more
detailed control over the configuration, read the IDS documentation. At the very
least, you should password-protect the admin pages.
Figure 3-17. The pet monitor works!
Spend a few minutes customizing
IDS’s interface by visiting the admin
pages at
admin/index.cgi, and you can set up
a pretty slick frontend. Figure 3-17
shows the current setup of my pet
monitor interface. IDS is very con-
figurable, so if youre not happy with
some aspect of it, you can probably
change it. Refer to the documenta-
tion for more information.
Wrapping Up
In addition to allowing you to
enjoy your vacation without worry-
ing about your pet, this project has
accomplished several other useful
Implemented intelligent, wire-
less video monitoring through-
out your home.
Connected your home (and your
pet) to the Internet.
Enabled remote monitoring of your home.
Enabled your computer to respond to movement throughout your
If you’ve positioned the motion detectors and cameras well, you can safely
leave the script running even when youre at home, though of course youll
want to change the X10 settings on your lights so that they’re not turned on
and off by motion. Remember to keep an eye on your disk space, though,
especially if your cat turns out to be active just about the whole night. (Even
though I cant see pictures taken at night without the lights, it’s interesting
to use the motion detectors to track my cat’s movements.)
Wrapping Up
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11/24/2004 1:54:38 PM

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