Chapter 3, Remotely Monitor a Pet
One of the nice things about using a script for a project like this is that
it’s easy to modify and extend. Some of the things you might want to do
Save both a JPEG snapshot and a few seconds of video. You could even
capture video until you receive the offsignal from the motion detec-
tor indicating that movement is no longer being detected.
Have the script send an email to your pager if no motion is detected
around feeding time.
Archive pictures older than a week by shrinking them to 320
×240 and
increasing the JPEG compression.
Organize the pictures for constant use by creating separate folders for
months and years.
If you check this books web site at http://www.homehacking.com, youll
probably discover that I’ve updated the script with some of these improve-
Exhibit A: Bill of Materials
Most parts are available from home automation web sites such as http://
www.smarthome.com. X10 wireless cameras are available only from http://
Item Quantity Approximate cost Part number
Serial Powerlinc computer
1 $35 and up CM11A
X10 motion detector 3 $20 and up MS14A-C or
X10 wireless cameras 3 $170 for all of
these items
X10 wireless transceiver 1 4005X or 400s
Wireless video receiver 1 VR36A
Composite video input card 1 About $40 WinTV-GO-FM,
X10 lamp module 3 $10-$15 each 2000
Kwik-Fix Stick-E-Tak poster
1 $3 QSA2-01
Exhibit A
hhpg.indb 73
11/24/2004 1:54:38 PM

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