Chapter 6

Generating Leads with Content Marketing

In This Chapter

arrow Getting started with content marketing

arrow Organizing your efforts and creating a plan of attack

arrow Creating high-value content on a budget

arrow Combining lead generation and content for the one-two punch

Everyone is talking about content marketing. If you've been to any marketing conferences in the past two years, you've probably noticed that content marketing is the new social media. It’s a hot topic on every marketer’s mind and is proving to be a large part of any successful lead generation effort.

Content marketing can be defined many ways, but I like C.C. Chapman’s the best, from the book Content Rules:

“Content marketing is anything a company creates and shares to tell their story. It is conversational, human, and doesn’t try to constantly sell to you. It also isn’t a tactic that you can just turn on and off and hope that it will be successful. It has to be a mindset that is embraced and encouraged. You’ve got to start thinking like a publisher and use that to plan and execute your entire marketing plan, which content of ...

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