Chapter 12

Casting a Wide Net with Content Syndication

In This Chapter

arrow Syndicating your content for a further reach

arrow Working with paid syndication vendors to get the most bang for your buck

arrow Mapping your syndication content to your sales funnel

arrow Leveraging non-paid content syndication through RSS feeds and social media

You have to reach your buyers where they are, and they won’t always be on your website or your channels. So how do you reach them? Content syndication is a great option to spread the reach of your content to leads who may not otherwise have shown interest.

Content syndication is the tactic of placing your high-value content assets on third-party websites, often gated with a form. The process of syndicating your content can be a paid program through a vendor, or it can be non-paid through RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and social channels. It is a good lead-generation practice to consider using both paid and non-paid efforts in your content syndication to get additional reach and fresh, new leads for your database.

The trick with content syndication is determining ...

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