Chapter 18

Perfecting Your Lead-Generation Techniques with Lead Scoring

In This Chapter

arrow Sending only qualified leads to sales with lead scoring

arrow Defining your lead scoring criteria

arrow Creating your lead scoring plan and matrix

arrow Helping to prioritize sales’ time with lead scoring and interesting moments

How do you know when a lead is ready to be contacted by sales? If you don’t implement lead scoring, you will have no idea. Lead scoring is a shared sales and marketing methodology for ranking leads in order to determine their sales-readiness. Basically, lead scoring takes all of your lead-generation and nurturing campaigns and provides a methodology to determine how close a person is to purchasing and where she is on the buying journey. A lead score is created in your marketing automation tool.

Scoring should be determined based on the following overall factors:

  • Fit: How does the lead fit in with your defined buyer persona?
  • Interest: How interested is the lead in your products?
  • Buying stage: How far along in the buying journey is the lead?

The score of your lead determines whether he ...

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