Chapter 16

Communicating Through Email Marketing

In This Chapter

arrow Moving leads through your sales funnel with email marketing

arrow Targeting and personalizing your email campaigns

arrow Writing compelling subject lines and email copy that converts

arrow Going beyond the basics when measuring your email marketing

After you have plenty of leads in your database, what do you do with them? Lead generation doesn’t stop at acquisition. In fact, according to Marketo's data, 98 percent of their leads are not ready to buy when they come into their database. That sounds crazy, right? Well, if you are doing a ton of top-of-funnel lead-generation tactics, you are casting a wide net and introducing people to your company very early in the buying process.

Your leads have a buying journey to go through, and by engaging in middle-of-the-funnel marketing tactics such as email marketing, you can ensure that you are speaking to your leads in all stages of the buying journey. Email marketing helps create personalized relationships with buyers over time. Without a focus on a middle-of-the-funnel strategy, many of your ...

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