Chapter 23. Developing trust in global virtual teams

<authorgroup>John Spiers</authorgroup>

The problem

‘Hello Ed, how’s the new role going?’

‘Hi John, it could be better. You remember how excited I was to be asked to be a manager with a team from all over the world? Well, I just don’t feel we’re making enough progress.’

‘So, what’s happening?’

‘It’s more a case of what isn’t happening. They’re all good people, but they just don’t seem to trust each other. I end up not trusting any of them and feel I have to manage every minor detail. I’ve got people in Bangalore, Beijing, Paris, and Denver. What with the distance and time zone issues, I wonder if we can ever gain a high level of trust.’

‘Sounds tough. Have you got the whole team together for a “meet-and-greet” ...

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