Build smrsh

The smrsh program is supplied in source form with the sendmail distribution in the smrsh directory. The README file in that directory describes how to compile and install smrsh, and tells how it can be used with all versions of sendmail. Note that the instructions we give you here refer to V8.9 and above.

To build smrsh just execute the following in the smrsh directory:

% ./Build

There is very little to tune inside smrsh at build time. You might wish to predefine ALLOWSEMI as a way to allow semicolons inside command lines, but this is not recommended because it makes the job of smrsh harder and less secure. In the rare event you need to allow semicolons, however, you can add the following line to your m4 build file:


You might also want to change the directory where smrsh will look for its approved executable programs. The default directory is preset in include/sm/conf.h for each operating system. That default can be changed with the SMRSH_CMDDIR macro like this:

APPENDDEF(`conf_smrsh_ENVDEF', `-DSMRSH_CMDDIR="/etc/mail/smrsh"')

You might also need to change the default path that smrsh passes to the Bourne shell (/bin/sh) just before that shell is called to execute its approved programs. The default preset in include/sm/conf.h for each operating system can be changed like this:

APPENDDEF(`conf_smrsh_ENVDEF', `-DSMRSH_PATH="/usr/bin:/usr/sbin"')

This SMRSH_PATH macro should not be changed if your environment must remain secure. The ...

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