Appendix F. Running Samba on Mac OS X Server

Mac OS X Server is an Apple operating-system product based on Mac OS X, with the addition of administrative tools and server software. One area in which it differs from Mac OS X is in the configuration of Samba-based services. In this appendix, we’ll tell you how to set up SMB file and printer shares, enable client user access, and monitor activity. Our specific focus is on Mac OS X Server 10.2.

Setup Procedures

The first thing to note is that the procedure described in Chapter 2 using System Preferences to enable Samba does not apply to Mac OS X Server. Unlike Mac OS X, the Sharing pane of System Preferences does not include an option to turn on Windows File Sharing. Instead, there is a set of applications to configure, activate, and monitor services: Workgroup Manager, Server Settings, Server Status, and Open Directory Assistant, all located in the directory /Applications/Utilities.


In addition to being installed with Mac OS X Server, these and other administrative applications are included on a separate installation CD-ROM sold with the operating system. They can be used to manage Mac OS X Server systems remotely from any Mac OS X machine.

For more information, refer to the Mac OS X Server Administrator’s Guide , included as a PDF file in the /Library/Documentation/MacOSXServer directory, and also downloadable from Apple Computer’s web site at

Briefly, the procedure for setting up SMB file and printer ...

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