Sharing Analytics Data

Once your analytics is in place and running correctly, you need to share the data with those who can make use of it.

No organization wants to be overwhelmed with dozens of reports at the outset. Giving your stakeholders open access to the entire system may backfire, as they won’t understand the various terms and reports without some explanation. It’s far better to pick a few reports that are tailored to each recipient and send regular mailouts. For example:

  • For web designers, provide information on conversion, abandonment, and click heatmaps.

  • For marketers and advertisers, show which campaigns are working best and which keywords are most successful.

  • For operators, show information on technical segments such as bandwidth and browser type, as well as countries and service providers from which visitors are arriving. They can then include those regions in their testing and monitoring.

  • For executives, provide comparative reports of month-over-month and quarterly growth of KPIs like revenue and visitors.

  • For content creators, show which content has the lowest bounce rates, which content makes people leave quickly, and what visitors are searching for.

  • For community managers, show which sites are referring the most visitors and which are leading to the most outcomes, as well as which articles have the most content.

  • For support personnel, show which search terms are most popular on help pages and which URLs are most often exits from the site, as well as which pages immediately ...

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