Web Analytics Maturity Model

Throughout this book, we’re going to look at a maturity model for web visibility. The first of these models is web analytics, shown in Table 5-3. It borrows heavily from work by Bill Gassman of Gartner and Stephane Hamel of Immeria, and shows how companies progress through various levels of maturity with their web analytics.

Table 5-3. The Web Analytics Maturity Model (adapted from Stephane Hamel and Bill Gassman)

Maturity levelLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Focus?Technology: make sure things are aliveLocal site: make sure people on my site do what I want them toVisitor acquisition: make sure the Internet sends people to my siteSystematic engagement: Make sure my relationship with my visitors and the Internet continues to growWeb strategy: Make sure my business is aligned with the Internet age
Who?OperationsMerchandising managerCampaign manager/SEOProduct managerCEO/GM
AnalyticsPage views, visits, visitors, top ten lists, demographics, technographicsPath analysis, funnel reports, A/B testing, KPIs, dashboardsMerchandising, segmentation, SEO, community referrals, campaign optimization, personas, KPI alertsMultichannel aggregation, cost-shifting analysis, lifetime visitor value, personalization, dynamic content servingMultichannel sales reporting, activity-based costing, balanced scorecards, strategic planning, predictive analytics, integrated user experience

Most organizations begin by looking only at traffic. They then turn their efforts ...

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