Managing Your Account

The two rightmost tabs at the top enable you to manage the business side of your AdWords Account: Billing and My Account.

From the Billing tab, you can keep track of your spending and update credit cards. Click the tab to see two items in a drop-down list: Billing Summary and Billing Preferences. Billing Preferences is where you go to set up your payment options.

From the My Account tab, you can update your login information, set your e-mail notification preferences, and enable access to your account by other users. It has three subtabs: Account Access, Notification Settings, and Preferences.

In Account Access, you can invite other people to gain access to your AdWords account, from full administrative rights to read-only access (they can look but not touch). The invitee's e-mail address must not be connected with any other Google account, so if you're inviting an AdWords pro to help you, they'll need a brand new Google login to get in.

Notification Settings allow you to choose which online notifications and e-mails you'll receive from Google. Make changes by hovering your cursor over the setting you want to change and selecting from the drop down menu (see Figure 2-5).

Figure 2-5: Change notification settings to control the flow of information from Google.


In Preferences, make sure you enable auto-tagging by clicking the Edit link next to No, Thanks in the ...

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