Keyword Decompression Sources

Keyword decompression is a fine art, like that of a safecracker listening carefully as she slowly moves tumblers back and forth, trying to generate the exact right positioning to unlock the safe and liberate the treasures. In our case, you're discovering desires (not combinations), and the feedback mechanism is clicks on your ads (not clicks of dials and cams). (Did you expect such poetry in a work of nonfiction? What a bargain!)

We show you a few powerful sources of data so you can see what's available, and how to begin to construct a loud and clear picture of human beings with desires from a few opaque and mute keywords. Because it's easier to understand the process using live examples, we'll demonstrate in depth for the keyword Weber mandolin. What you need to know about this keyword is that it represents a small Montana company that makes and sells high-end, gorgeous, hand-made instruments.

We're going to look at some advanced search engines for websites, forums, blogs, shopping, and online groups. The goal is to first eavesdrop on, and then contribute to the vibrant marketplace conversation about the problems its members are facing as well as the products and services designed to solve those problems.

Start by entering your search term into Google. Then, on the left side of the page, click the Show Search Tools link to expand the list, as shown in Figure 5-2.

Figure 5-2: Use the powerful search tools in Google.

Related Searches

Under the All ...

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