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How to Lead, 5th Edition

Book Description

This book is your essential guide to the theory and practice of leadership. Whatever your level in an organisation, this is your practical handbook for getting to the top and staying there.
Anyone can learn to be a great leader. And everyone can learn to lead better. This book will show you how.
Its clear focus on practical, straightforward advice and guidance, delivered with refreshing honesty and humour, and with a relentless focus on the practical skills of leadership, will make sure you quickly understand and master all the core skills you’ll need to succeed.
Based on original research into some of the world’s best organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors, How to Lead cuts right through all the myths and mysteries to get straight to the heart of what you need to do and how you need to do it in order to succeed.
Changes for this Edition
Jo plans to insert a piece at the front about 21st century leadership, and then re-organise some of the existing material to create a new section at the end exploring the skills of the 21st century leadership which will mainly be about influence.
How to Lead is a tour de force, ambitious and resolutely practical – the very essence of leadership.’
Sharath Jeevan, CEO of STIR Education

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title page
  3. Contents
  4. About the author
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. About the fifth edition
  7. Introduction
  8. Part 1 Idea: Set your direction
    1. 1 Take control
    2. 2 Why your idea matters
    3. 3 Craft your idea: creating the future perfect
    4. 4 Ideas when you are leading from the middle
    5. 5 Communicate your future perfect idea
    6. 6 Build your idea into a plan
    7. 7 Sell your idea
    8. 8 Deal with strategy
    9. 9 Strategy and the art of unfair competition
    10. 10 How to evaluate your idea
  9. Part 2 People: Make your network work
    1. 11 Find your role
    2. 12 Attract the right team
    3. 13 Motivate your team: theory
    4. 14 Motivate your team: practice
    5. 15 Motivation and moments of truth
    6. 16 Delegate well
    7. 17 Coach your team for performance
    8. 18 Manage performance
    9. 19 Deal with difficult people
    10. 20 Difficult conversations
    11. 21 Firing people
  10. Part 3 Action: Make it happen
    1. 22 Manage change
    2. 23 Manage projects
    3. 24 Handle conflicts
    4. 25 Handle crises
    5. 26 Negotiate budget and targets
    6. 27 Control costs
    7. 28 Make decisions in uncertainty
    8. 29 Build your machine: the rhythms and routines of success
  11. Part 4 Skills of success: The tradecraft of leaders
    1. 30 Use time well
    2. 31 Present to persuade
    3. 32 Make meetings work
    4. 33 Write effectively
    5. 34 Read for insight
    6. 35 Work the numbers
  12. Part 5 Skills of success: The twenty-first-century leader
    1. 36 Lead professionals
    2. 37 Manage your boss
    3. 38 Build influence across your organisation
    4. 39 Influence decisions
    5. 40 Listen to influence
    6. 41 Lead in a global world
    7. 42 Careering versus careers
    8. 43 Craft your personal success formula
    9. 44 Step up, not back: moments of truth
    10. 45 Act the part
    11. 46 Be the part
  13. Conclusion: your leadership journey
  14. Index
  15. Endorsements
  16. Advertisements
  17. Imprint