Preparing an SD card

To prepare an SD card, follow the sequence of actions as described:

  1. Download the latest Raspbian LITE image (available at
  2. Connect your SD card to a computer and use Etcher ( to flash the Raspbian .img file to the SD card.
  3. Enable SSH:
cd /Volumes/boottouch ssh
  1. To enable Wi-Fi, create wpa_supplicant.conf with the following content:
network={ ssid="YOUR_SSID" psk="YOUR_WIFI_PASSWORD"}
To create a file in a Linux console, you can use the GNU nano editor. It is pre-installed in most Linux distributives. All you need is to run the nano FILE_NAME command and follow the displayed instructions.
  1. Create the /home/pi/hub folder.
  2. Create the /home/pi/hub/package.json ...

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