Sharing Your Slides Online

From collaborating with team members before your presentation to sharing your brilliance with the world after the fact, posting your slideshow online makes it easy for others to find your work. Keynote offers built-in tools to fast-track your presentation to the Web: Share and collect feedback at; post a movie version of your slideshow on YouTube; or add the slideshow to your own iWeb site or blog.

Using with Keynote

Whether you want to share a slideshow with coworkers, distribute lecture notes to your class, or run a presentation by your team, is a nifty way to do it. The Web-based service is specifically designed to help you share a document with a small group of viewers to collect their feedback. Many of us typically do that by circulating a document in email, but feedback can be difficult to track that way. And with Keynote’s media-heavy files, you’re often working with files big enough to make email servers choke. Loading your slideshow to a site like solves both problems, providing easy file-viewing and a single location for gathering comments.

For detailed info about using, head back to Sharing on for the full review. Meanwhile, here’s the quick lowdown, with a few notes specific to using with Keynote slideshows. To send a slideshow to

  1. Open the slideshow in Keynote, and choose Share → Share via

    If Keynote prompts you to sign in, enter your Apple ID and password. ...

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