Exporting from Unity to Visual Studio 

Because we have already discussed these steps in the previous chapters, I will just provide a quick summary outlining the steps required:

  1. In Unity, select File | Build Settings.
  2. Select Windows Store on the Platform list and click Switch Platform.
  3. Set SDK to Universal 10 and UWP Build Type to D3D - Direct3D (D3D) selected means the application will be hosted in a Direct3D window as opposed to the alternative, XAML, of a XAML window, making it slightly more lightweight and more performant.
  4. Check Unity C# Projects.
  5. Click Add Open Scenes to add the scene.
  6. Click Build and select the destination folder.
  7. When Unity is done, a file explorer window will appear where the project directory resides.


  1. Open the ...

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